The Goodness Of Love

Goodness is part of our lives and its roots is God who showed us before the world existed in our hearts so we gave fruit in abundance and love our fellow men to make us spiritually rich.

As we spiritually rich through love of God that gives us and that tree of love that God planted in our hearts is divine abundance of spiritual riches that align our feelings and makes us different from everyone else because , which gives love to receive love, mercy receives giving and forgiving mercy receive forgiveness.

All who are considered children of God has the tree of love to give love and spiritual wealth that has given spiritual abundance.

The goodness of people coming from the same love of God who gives us his goodness and let us partake of the goodness of

the Father in heaven because the giver receives and great and marvelous things the Lord has for His children who are part of the kingdom of God for us to be loving and kind to our neighbors so that they may be strengthened by the goodness in their hearts for its large fruits are of goodness and not evil against your neighbor.

Piety is part of feeling God's mercy makes you different through compassion and tenderness for that love is full of the goodness that is the smoothness with which the Father who is in heaven identifies us and gives us his goodness for that tree to grow with fruits of kindness and compassion.

Meekness is part of the goodness that God gives to us to give kindness and that person does not feel separated

because of the evil but it strengthened through generosity, tolerance, mercy and be part of the goodness God has for each of us to be their legitimate sons through Jesus Christ and the light of the Holy Spirit.

Kindness is humanity given to men to receive indulgences of God's goodness, that goodness is and will be the generosity of God in our hearts.

Kindness is called the sweetness of God, docility to be the supreme creator and see us as children we are to make us the tree of goodness in our hearts that we may be docile and give the sacrifice of the flesh that the spirit is strengthened by the kindness, love, mercy and compassion.

Let us be part of the goodness of God that we be kind in our lives and be blessed with the love of God that every day gives us when we are the sweetness and softness that we may be blessed in everything so that the fruits are large and juicy.

Let us be generous with God's goodness and kindness to all the demos that need to love and that kindness is a virtue of God and everyone who has this virtue will abundantly goodness.


I am an enthusiastic, cheerful person, with great capacity to give lectures internationally on spiritual and personal motivation making great capabilities to the person to be prosperous in life, I love to write about all sorts of topics to give them more knowledge through the wisdom that God has for each of us dandones understanding of everything to be better every day and be an insurmountable

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  • nbillett  10-07-2017
    Only Jesus comes from On High, and can fully satisfy the human heart. Those who do not recognize the Son of God remain in the situation humanity was in when expelled from Paradise.
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  • nbillett  21-06-2017
    Whoever lives in the Spirit lives in the light. While we remain firm in the teaching of Christ and share in the life of the Church, the Spirit gives us internal knowledge and joy in the things of God. The Spirit guides us and inspires us each day showing us how to please God.
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