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In the temptation the Lord Jesus, give a lesson to overcome and succeed in life and that's the real transformation that a person must do to change your life.

In all three gospels narrates us that the fact was occasioned by the same Holy Spirit whom he led them to the Lord Jesus through the wilderness, which was his purpose that he might be tempted by the devil.

A number of questions are born. Why would God wish I was tempted by the devil his Son before beginning his ministry? What would be the reason why it is done in the desert? If your intention was to try it, God did not know who his Son? Actually, God does nothing without a purpose.

We often we are led into the

wilderness by God Himself, there puzzled conjecture on objectives.

In the desert, away from everyone and everything, just no one and nothing could help the and looking around, and everything was desolate in complete solitude, and that the Lord heard a voice saying "I am with you."

That voice we hear is always present when we anguish, despair, oppression, affliction in order every problem caused by the enemy (devil), in which he always had in the wilderness of this world.

Sometimes of course you do not event not cling to this kind of problem and we believe that if we found a way out for our good.

Then so many days without eating the body of Jesus was already past the limits by the lack of food, then, is a physical need, then the devil gave him his first dart poisoned.

"If thou be the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread." (Luke 4: 3).  Reina Valera 1960 Biblie.

Satan knew

that he was the Son of God, even before his human natures were hungry.

His divinity was such that it was so real, had no right to use it to benefit from it because I needed food as a human being he was.

He could not use his qualities or properties of the divine being, if so, would not Jesus the Son, born of God, the Lamb of God, and the sacrifice would be in vain and invalid, it would not suffer in the flesh, in the soul and in spirit, with death on Mount Calvary, for God does not die.

Satan knew this, but still tempted the Lord Jesus defying.

God allows all these humiliations and especially with his Son merely to show that harder the test, the temptations, and tribulations will come out for a final path, a single race, a single door that is, the word of God.


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