The Supernatural Or Wonderful Faith 2

The Lord Jesus gave us an example that we should resist the temptations that the devil puts in every moment of our lives, so it must be come face to face with problems, whether physical, economic, emotional, mental or spiritual

The devil is always put in the things of God for that faith does not work, but the person to believe that defeats the enemy and fleeing by the mere fact that the power of God is strong and active faith for the miracle in the life of that person.

Satan tempted Jesus for the first time with a suggestive word, he saw at first glance was very good solution.

The Lord Jesus was hungry and thirsty, his great face first problem was physical issue that was consuming and producing fatigue in your body, your second problem was the suggestion

that the devil himself was producing a diabolical suggestion, but the Jesus did not fall prey to the temptation, do not let go of these terrible circumstances I was feeling at the time, did not let go of the words spoken by the devil.

The Lord Jesus leaving emotions really followed what determines the word of God to all who believe in it wholeheartedly and confessing said:

"It is written: Not by bread alone doth man live, but by every word of God." (Luke 4: 4). Reina Valera 1960 Bible

Before any adverse situation, the Lord Jesus did not resist his power and his authority that characterized him as Son of God, that is your divine quality, but with the word!

There's the answer to all the problems that we face in life that is the word of God, not just know it is applied

to our lives in the everyday battle that temptation lurks in our hearts, that is what many people suffer from not applying the word of God, is necessary regardless, pass the heavens and the earth but it will not be because the word comes from the mouth of God this will be met under all circumstances.

If we look many times have become disillusioned by the same faith, I wonder how many times we have been excited by the faith that does not exist? God is the same and he will always be the same, the problems are too, but the old people were different in the way they believe.

Believe and be sure here is the big difference

There are many truths about faith that are still hidden from the people of God. I think it's one of the reasons so many people are disappointed with their faith.

That faith that changes in every way of life, making the impossible possible effort to see in our lives.

By faith you will live a full life in Christ Jesus, because you are the only one you can change your way of living and seeing things around. 


I am an enthusiastic, cheerful person, with great capacity to give lectures internationally on spiritual and personal motivation making great capabilities to the person to be prosperous in life, I love to write about all sorts of topics to give them more knowledge through the wisdom that God has for each of us dandones understanding of everything to be better every day and be an insurmountable

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