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The truth when I say that healing occurred in a place like a park, stadium, church, or in a place where many people gather active faith and that faith is what makes the miracle of healing to occur

But when this person goes to your home or workplace meets people who tell you that's a lie, and create doubt in the person immediately enter the devil and brings back the disease and the person returns to his position before being healed.

Cite an example of a person who was ten years her cancer, I felt tremendous pain that morphine had to apply, this person came to the church fuels the fire of God, received the sentence immediately and powerfully pains disappeared and cancer you also. Many days I felt the pain and the disease had been healed, but

went to the doctor and he said to him, has nothing sir you that was done to remove the cancer and the person answered was the Lord Jesus Christ, but the doctor said that's not true cancer is not healthy for the overnight, there must have him.

As that person had not secured his faith doubt enter the words that the doctor had told him, but he sowed doubt in his heart there entered the devil and he returned the disease.

What was the reason she felt again the symptoms?

Well, simply was not true faith and believed more in the word of the doctor in the Word of God.

This works the devil uses people more confidence to sow seeds of doubt and achieve confuse every day and we denied making the Word of Faith

that God put that person.

The strategy of the devil

The Word of God produces faith and that faith produces life, the devil has worked tirelessly to annihilate through doubt to take charge of these result in death. The Lord Jesus through the parable of the sower teaches us that Satan and his demons have used the seeds of doubt.

That certainly makes this person does not change and cannot be transformed by not believing in the word, the word that changes and transforms an individual in every way.

As the parable says the first seed fell beside the road that represents those who hear the word of God and do not understand while they are listening, and that's how the devil takes advantage of the situation

For this to happen there needs to be a much more powerful word to plant. There needs to be excuses, reasons, to neutralize lies at the heart of this person to remove that word of faith that was planted by the Word of God. 


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