Temperance And Inclement

Temperance is moderation of moderation as to have the wisdom to act carefully and pulse. Temperance is the opposite of harshness and that is prudence and the other is the strength we see in this chapter how to overcome the harshness and acquire temperance.

Instead of inclement roughness is hardness of heart to accept the mistakes made by each individual in their cruelty and evil that a person does with a stiffness in his heart to be more benevolent to himself and others around him.

Temperance gives the believer a firmness in his heart that the enemy does not enter their thoughts and acted in everything about his life, his family and close friends as the enemy if you want to destroy a person only has this person is weak and destroy everything this person is in your heart, mind, body, soul and be a

weak person surrendered to the pleasures of the flesh for its own destruction and the devil, or the enemy will be laughing that it has removed or stolen a person God, but if this person is placed a winning positive value in other words then, eventually fleeing enemy because you have Christ in your heart.

Temperance is the caution and care that a person must have to get to defeat the enemy or devil through rebuke in the name of all names Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit with his immaculate light floods us to flee the enemy.

The enemy seeing the light that is inside flees because he belongs to the darkness or darkness and giving you free from all bondage and chain that was fastened to the devil and the flesh to be free by the grace of God breaks.

Temperance gives you as a person of God the authority to cast into hell every evil storm the devil want to

place in your life and this temperance gives him the courage to be much more valiant fight against the forces of evil that the only thing they want to destroy the children of God.

God's children are protected by the light of the Holy Spirit that makes invisible and invincible to any stalking the enemy or devil comes only to remove, destroy, and kill, but for that the son of man to dispose of evil came from our lives.

Temperance is the temple Yea you have to tackle each and every one of the things that the enemy spear, but the strength is in Christ.

Purchase temperance is the hardness that must have to defeat the enemy; it is undoubtedly the love of God and neighbor that make him mighty men of valor.

The severity and harshness is evil in his heart to defeat the enemy should only believe that God is their God because without him we are nothing.

Inclement is intemperance and severity in other words is the hardness of his heart not to accept kindness and goodness things that God offers.


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  • nbillett  29-03-2017
    Everything we need comes from God. Our strength lies with him and if we are to defeat evil then we sure are going to need him. For all that is not of God will be discard into the netherworld and all that is of God will join him in Paradise.
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